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Univet Ultra Edge Paste

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ULTRA EDGE is an oral paste designed to supplement the athletic horse’s needs for branched chained amino acids and glutamine. Branch chained amino acids play a vital role in the production of muscular energy, by preventing post-exercise muscle soreness. Used as a pre-event supplement, these factors play a significant intrinsical role in helping a horse achieve their ultimate performance by supporting muscles. Ultra-Edge is in a palatable cherry flavour base.

Guaranteed Analysis: Each (80g) tube contains:
L-Glutamine 13,300 mg
L-Isoleucine 7,860 mg
L-Valine 14,670 mg
L-Leucine 6,670 mg
Cobolt (actual) 10 mg

Maintenance: One tube after hard training

Pre-event: : One tube in the morning of competition and one tube after.

Prevent Muscle Loss: : ½ tube after exercise.

80gm oral tube.


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