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Protecto P105K Knee Boots

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The Protecto 105 Skin Tight Knee Boot is one of the world’s best selling knee boots. They fit closer to the knee than any other boot on the market. Fully lined with very thin Lycra – only .078 thousandths. This is so thin it is hardly noticeable, especially after the boot is buckled and the Lycra is compressed. This fully lined boot offers maximum protection against rubbing and scurving, The lining also gives ultimate comfort and softness against the horses skin while giving extra impact protection.

  • Super impact and tear resistant strength with superior abrasion resistance
  • Fastens with Protecto’s stainless roller buckles and strap
  • Stainless D loops for safety suspender hook-up
  • Will not rot or mildew
  • Soft and pliant – it molds itself to the leg and holds its form and shape



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