Protecto Anti-Choke

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The P-59 Anti-Choke will stop choke downs for your horse and gives security to the driver. The sleek design allows the horse to breathe freely, giving your horse the opportunity to perform at its best. One of the most humane products that Protecto has ever developed. Almost all horsemen have said that when the horse realizes he can not choke down or fight you, you will have full authority. The Anti-Choke should fit just a little snug when the overcheck is hooked up. You may find that the horse will resist the Anti – Choke the first time, so try it on training day.

Product Directions:

  • Fasten Throat Latch first. Snugly draw up throat latch, making sure the foam rubber fits into the Pocket of the horse’s Jowl.
  • Next fasten the cheeks and hook the Top strap to the crown’s buckle.
  • Hook overcheck to see that the Anti- Choke fits and stays in place.
  • After you hook the overcheck , examine all straps and make final adjustments.



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