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Peak Performance Blitz Comfort Paste

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Blitz! Paste is the ultimate pre-event vitamin/mineral jug for highly trained performance horses. More than an electrolyte, more than an amino acid paste, more than a vitamin/mineral and more than a digestive support product, Blitz! Paste combines over 45 food grade ingredients in the proper proportion and dose for absorption and is very concentrated. Every performance horse could use a little more assurance before the big event…Blitz! Paste is here to help.

  • Provides the Comfort Blend of Boswellia, Turmeric, Ginger, and Fenugreek for aches and discomfort caused by training and exercise
  • Helps keep horses fresh
  • Supports muscular endurance
  • Supports recovery
  • Replenishes nutrients lost during intense activity.
  • 80cc


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